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01 July 2008 @ 07:39 pm
Who: Tamell and Ruby
When: Morning
Where: Edge of the camping grounds.

The cart was sectioned; one half slid out like a giant draw from the middle, the other opend from the top. Tamell stood beside it, deftly opening and closing each small door to check on her babies, tutting here, reaching in a hand there, only moving on when she was satisfied they were fine. The snakes rattle greeted her like a purr and her lip twitched into a smile. The Shellac beetles raced over her fingers.The stick insects traced her palm with their twitching antannae. Her spiders, of which she had seven, were fuzzy and comforting in her hands.

Her inspection complete she retrieved a fine web of netting from another compartment, and leaving the box to air in the breeze, begun stringing the net up between two bare looking trees. The net ws nearly invisible, so when she was done she threaded several faded ribbons amongst the web, to make it easier to see. Stepping back to admire her work, she hummed gently to herself.

Bending down to the underside of the cart, she pulled out a beaten tin pan and a small spade. She sat herself down at the base of one of the trees, her long legs stretched out in the dust, and hummed to herself while she dug at the roots. Within minutes she was completely engrossed in what she was doing.
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rubii on July 1st, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
It was hot, but Ruby kept her shawl on as she made her way, barefoot, towards the carnival that had set up camp outside of town. She was dirt-poor, sort of dirty, and tired, but she knew opportunity when she saw it. If they wanted freaks, she'd give them a freak they couldn't turn down. Well, one they hopefully wouldn't turn down. Ruby twisted a loose piece of yarn around her finger and wished she had an intrument to play. Even a toy drum would be more entertaining than her just standing there. Not that Ruby wasn't entertaining for most people to look at. She'd been born to be in a sideshow. There wasn't much you could do and not be considered a freak, looking like she did. Might as well surround yourself with other freaks and show the rest of the world you knew what they thought about you while you were at it.

Ruby clutched her shawl closer with two hands, despite the heat, and told herself she needed to stop fidgeting and playing with the fraying bits of yarn hanging off the back of it. She couldn't help it, though. She was nervous, and nervousness made her restless. Ruby clasped her hands together behind her back so she'd stop playing with her shawl and pulled it tighter to her neck up front. She could do this.

She had stopped at the edge of the camping grounds and was staring at the big top with some trepidation when she heard someone humming, and spotted a woman digging underneath a tree. Ruby didn't know what she was digging for, but she looked carnival-y. She did have a large cart beside her. And really, where was he harm in talking to her? "Hello?" Ruby relaxed her grip on her shawl slightly as she stepped towards the woman. "Do you work here?"
Tamell: Tamell - What?methuselan on July 4th, 2008 12:06 am (UTC)
Tamell turned at the question and sat on her haunches. She wiped a dirty hand across her forhead, leaving a trail of smudged dust and grit. Squinting in the light she took in the figure standing before her; a pretty woman who had the look of a performer about her. Tamell stuck the small spade in the ground and stood up.

"That I do, but I've been here almos' as long as you have." She said. While standing, she could see the woman better. There was definitely something off about her stature, but to Tamell it meant nothing. She just figured the woman was a hunchback, or some other sort of freak (she had once worked with a man who had a underdeveloped twin growing out of his stomach, nothing fazed her any more).

She turned when she heard a twittering behind her, and her face broke into a smile. A sparrow was stuck in the net, tangling it's wings in the fine mesh. She headed over and began untangling the bird, feeling the fluttering heartbeat beneath her fingers.