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Fortunes & Dust

Original RPG

fortunes and dust
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Tales of post-apocalyptic carnivale life; an rpg
All the claims they made were true.

Everything they said would happen, happened.

The climate changed, the world warmed and the oceans rose.

After nearly two hundred years of devastating weather, the map of the world has changed so much so as to be nearly unrecognisable. The human population has been decimated, and the world has been thrown into a second Dark Age. The Church rules, and the uneducated and superstitious people eke out a living from the harsh land.

In the port city of Morpeth in Van Demons Land, a traveling carnival has arrived with only a ring master, a fortune teller and the management remaining. Looking for new performers and avoiding unwanted attention from the Church, the carnival wait until the time they are ready to return to the circuit.

We are looking for performers, rousties and riggers and any other characters to help bring this hard and barren world to life.